Working from author Suzanne Allé Blom's original concept and original text, I illustrated the Verdant Lore Tarot, a 22 card major arcana deck manifesting herb lore through the tarot. Each card features a specific plant along with its associated myths and legends. The images were created by combining colored pencil drawings and digital design. Each deck includes:

This is a unique art deck to add to your collection. Only 100 have been printed!

Read the Tarot Passages review by Valerie Antal at http://www.tarotpassages.com/verdantlore-va.htm.

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The Chariot by Julianne Hunter.

The Chariot is bay laurel worn by Roman generals in their victorious return from battle.

The High Priest by Julianne Hunter.

The High Priest is the tea ceremony, the finest leaves in a ritually clean pot.

The Wheel of Fortune by Julianne Hunter.

The Wheel of Fortune, represented by the coffee plant, speaks of destiny.

The Sun by Julianne Hunter.

The Sun is maize and speaks of renewal out of chaos, fortunate marriage, contentment.

The Emperor by Julianne Hunter.

The Emperor is the oak, the long-lived king of trees, sacred to Zeus and Jupiter.

The Devil by Julianne Hunter.

The Devil is the opium poppy, and speaks of force, fatality; that which is predestined.